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Student Groups at Historic Point Basse

A day at Historic Point Basse...

While at Historic Point Basse on a tour, students will have the opportunities to experience and learn about many activities. There will be 4 or 5 stations where they will learn about different phases of the Wakelys' life.

Singing to Start
A little singing to start the day
may be in order; especially, if
you bring someone to lead it.
Read Stone Soup
A reading of the story of stone soup makes a good beginning to the day.
Trading Post
A visit to the trading post brings
information about what was
available on the frontier.
Frontier Survival
A group may be introduced to frontier survival skills
Preserving Food
Students might be able to participate in preserving food for the coming winter.
Preserving Food
In the house the students might learn what food was preserved and how it was preserved.
Water Source
Sometimes the source of water was quite a distance from the house and had to be carried. A yoke made the task easier.
School Class
In the school, students might learn about the lunch they brought from home, how they got to school, what they do when they get home, or why they weren't in school yesterday.
Stone Soup
At noon everyone gets a bowl of stone soup.
Egg Toss
A break from learning about the past might be an egg toss. Last two left with an egg win!